Travel Bucket List

I’m sure this list will change pretty frequently over time – as I cross things off list and find new things to add. While it would be easy for me to add ‘everywhere’ to my list of countries I want to visit (and believe me, I’d love to), I hope having smaller and more specific goals spurs me on and pushes me to do things because they seem like realistic achievements.

I’m really interested in reading everyone’s bucket lists – I enjoy reading other travel bloggers posts for inspiration, but bucket lists are the ultimate form of travel inspo, since it’s all the best adventures in one little spot. Here goes anyway!….

1. See Niagara Falls.
2. Visit hobbit land in New Zealand.
3. Go to Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech.
4. Eat a philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia.
5. Have Dim Sum in Asia.
6. See the Northern lights.
7. Inter-rail around Europe.
8. Ski in the Alps.
9. Visit the Grand Canyon.
10. Go up the Washington Monument.
11. See a West End show in London.
12. Visit Iceland.
13. Have curry wurst in Berlin.
14. Trek Machu Picchu.
15. Visit temples in Cambodia.
16. Take a photo of the opera house in Sydney.
17. Visit atleast 5 Eastern European countries. 
18. Hire a car in a new country.
19. Go to Toronto.
20. Walk over Brooklyn Bridge.
21. Drive along route 66
22. Use Airbnb
23. Couch Surf
24. Visit Laos
25. Take a travel photography course (sort of travel related!)
26. See blossom in Japan
27. Go to the Gion area of Kyoto
28. Visit the Acropolis and Parthenon
29.Watch the sunset in Santorini

30. Go to a german christmas market
31. Visit Scandinavia in Winter
32. Gamble in Vegas
33. Watch wildlife in the Galapagos
34. Eat Pizza, followed by Gelato inRome
35. Hire a classic car in Cuba

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