About Me


Hi Guys!

I’m Nicole, a full-time Web Editor and part-time Travel Blogger. I’ve always loved travel and was extremely fortunate to get to explore a lot growing up. It was when I started earning my own money that the travel bug really kicked in though… and now, years on, it’s stronger than ever and now the worst question anyone could ever ask me is “Where would you most like to visit?” Spoiler: the answer is “everywhere.”

I might not be a fully fledged sell-all my-stuff-and-live-out-of-a-backpack-round-the-world kind girl, but I certainly manage to squeeze in a hell of a lot for a part-timer.

Anyway, I’m on a mission to cover as much land as I can, learning as much about the cultures and people of those places and writing all about it on here. Keep checking back at my map here and my blog to see how I’m doing  – and when you just need a sprinkle of wanderlust.


Thanks for checking out Travelangelista.

Nicole x



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